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StratoStar Weather Balloon Launch

Step 1

Start here by meeting Gordy.   He'll give you an overview of the balloon project and let you know what's ahead of you on this adventure.

Stratostar Intro
Step 2

Watch Stratostar's video.   Stratostar developed all the equipment and training for these projects.  They are making a major impact in the STEM world by providing an environment in which students use 21st century skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking) in a interdisciplinary mission to the Edge of Space.  These missions allow students to learn while using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to complete a real world project.

Layers Presentation
Step 3

You need to learn about the layers of the Earth's atmosphere and how the weather balloon and all the experiments in the payload interact with them.  This is just a video of the PowerPoint presentation that will be sent to the teachers participating in the balloon project.

Layers Explained with Liquids
Step 4

To reinforce your knowledge of the layers of the Earth's atmosphere watch this demonstration.  It will explain the differences in the layers of the atmosphere by using liquids to illustrate it.  It will explain how the weather balloon rises and falls according to its interaction with each layer.

Experiment Ideas
Weather Balloon Experiment Ideas
Balloon Launch
Balloon Launch
Current Wind Report
Current Local Wind Report
Weather Balloon Tracking
Step 1

Reconnect with Gordy and he'll explain how we will use GPS to track and recover our balloon.

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